What is the programme about?

The Small Communities Programme is a research and action based initiative started in 2008. Our main aim is to help the formation of local small eco-communities in the Carpathian Basin – both in rural and urban areas. These small communities can contribute to achieve an environmentally friendly way of living, building strong relationships among people living in the same place, and strengthening the local economy. We believe that we can solve the ecological crisis only if cooperation among people living nearby becomes much stronger.

The founder and leader of the Small Communities Programme is András Takács-Sánta PhD, ecologist, associate professor and director of the MA in Human Ecology at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. About two dozens of people, experts at various fields work on the programme, nearly all of them voluntarily. Our main activities are: field work, book writing, organizing summer camps for children and adults, and providing human ecology course.

What we do

  • Book and studies

    We are working on a comprehensive handbook that will provide guidance for local eco-communities – certain parts have already been published on our website. Sometimes our members also publish studies in connection with our programme and work.

  • Human ecology course

    Every year since 2010, we deliver a ten months long Human ecology course every year to distribute knowledge regarding environmental problems and possible ways to deal with them. The lecturer is András Takács-Sánta PhD, associate professor at Eötvös Loránd University, director of the MA in Human Ecology. To date, about 150 people fulfilled the course.

  • Fieldwork

    Our volunteers have been visiting various areas of Hungary since 2009 conducting deep interviews with key figures of local ecological initiatives. To date, we've visited about 60 such sites, thus, we have a uniquely comprehensive oversight of these initiatives. Since 2013 we have also been helping local ecological communities form, maintain and overcome their difficulties.

  • Summer ecocamp
    for children and adults

    We offer a hint of an ecological, community-based life for our participants in our summer camps. We started our summer camp for children in 2012, one year later we made another one for adults, and both have been organized each year ever since. The summer camps are held in Nagybörzsöny, Hungary.

  • Position papers

    Occasionally we publish position papers regarding public policy issues closely related to our programme. Sometimes we stand together with other organizations for certain important causes.

  • Public lectures,

    We deliver public lectures about our programme: how we work, how we think, what we have learned and what we achieved. From time to time, we appear in interviews in print and digital media.

Who we are

Anita Horváth economist
Péter Horváth nature conservation engineer
Rita Kaszás biologist
Enikő Jacsó sociologist
Lehel Sebők MA student, human ecology
Tóth Miklós
Miklós Tóth software engineer

Former (and maybe future) members

András Aklan, Dóra Ádám, Noémi Andacs, Emese Bagoly, Eszter Barta, Máté Bodó, Edina Budai, Ádám Csepku, Norbert Feigel, Eszter Fodor, Balázs Gálóczi, Zsófia Gelencsér, Kálmán Gere, Tamás Gilicze, Bence Gosztonyi, Zita Groó, Kata Gyenis, Bálint György, Anita Heim, György Heiter, András Jankó, Bálint Kapos, György Kasza, Anna Kerekes, Balázs Kovács, Katalin Kovács, Ádám Krepcsák, Rudolf Maros, Domonkos M. Nagy, Márton Mucsi, András Nagy Károly, Károly Menyhért Nagy, Hidegárd Nagyné Bán, Nóra Nagy, Emese Polgár, Gellért Puskás, Anna Rauscher, Dr. Judit Rácz, Mátyás Révai, Fanni Sáfián, Júlia Siposné Isépy, Ferenc Skobrák, Luca Száraz, Péter Szenczi, Nóra Szerencsy, Lilla Taksz, Balázs Tánczos, Dorottya Teveli-Horváth, Bence Attila Tóth, Szandra Varju, Viktor Vida, Petra Virág, Kata Visy, Gabi Zagyva, Yvonne Zsák

Contact us

Email address: info@kiskozossegek.hu